Mya Happy For Sisqo's Solo Success

Young R&B siren Mya is off to a good start with her second album, "Fear Of Flying," and one of her former collaborators isn't doing too shabby either.

Mya's latest release, "Fear Of Flying," will debut at number 15 on next week's "Billboard" pop chart, just ten spots below one of Mya's former collaborators -- Sisqo, whose "Unleash The Dragon" moves to number four.

For her 1998 self-titled debut LP, Mya recorded a song called "It's All About Me" with the thong man himself (in the pre-"Thong Song" days, of course). Now that she is on top of her game and Sisqo is excelling with his solo project, Mya can smile when she sees the Dru Hill frontman jumping around on the beach in his current video.

"I think it's great," Mya told the MTV Radio Network of Sisqo's success. "I think Sisqo has a freedom

to like give more

of himself and he's not going to be bashed for trying to be the star of a group. You know, Dru Hill's still together to my knowledge, and they're as one, still. But I think he has the freedom to be creative and do flips in the video and cartwheels everywhere. So I think he has an opportunity to do what he's always wanted to do, so I'm happy for him." [RealAudio]

Although Sisqo does not appear on Mya's new album, "Fear Of Flying" does include input from TLC's Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, and Jadakiss of The LOX (on the current single, "The Best Of Me"). A Wyclef-produced track called "Lie Detector" features the toasting talents of reggae rapper Beenie Man, and Mya mentioned that's one of her favorites.

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