Joe, Sisqo Join McDonald's Charity Campaign

Sisqo and Joe have become the latest artists to be enlisted into the fast food and pop music wars, as the two platinum-sellers will travel to Vancouver later this month to shoot a commercial for McDonald's.

Last weekend, 'NSYNC and Britney Spears shot their parts for their own Mickey D's TV spot (see "Britney Spears, 'NSYNC Shoot For McDonald's"), which is part of a larger promotional campaign centered around an exclusive benefit CD that will be made available at the fast food chain in the next few months.

Joe and Sisqo are scheduled to shoot their parts for the McDonald's commercial later this month, and Joe recently talked to the MTV Radio Network about his involvement in the charity campaign, which is expected to launch in the next few months.

"I'm doing this commercial for McDonald's," Joe said. "Sisqo is doing one

as well. I have to shoot this commercial video on the 24th and 25th of [June], and it's gonna be really cool. It's [for a CD] sampler for McDonald's. Britney Spears is involved, as well as 'NSYNC, myself, and Sisqo.

"It's gonna be for a compilation of songs for underprivileged kids, sort of like a charity kind of thing, and it's gonna be serviced at McDonald's. You'll only be able to buy it at McDonald's. 'I Wanna Know' is gonna be on the sampler as well, and some other songs. You'll see pictures of myself on the back [of the CD] and on cups and stuff like that, which is really cool." [RealAudio]

In January, the Backstreet Boys inked a deal with Burger King to provide an exclusive CD and video featuring a new song from the group's upcoming album, which is now expected to hit stores in mid-September, as well as five live tracks (see "Backstreet Boys Plan New LP For October;

Burger King To Issue Promo CD, Video").

As for Joe, he's already lined up "Treat Her Like A Lady" as the follow-up single to "I Wanna Know," a track that has helped keep his platinum album, "My Name Is Joe," in the Top 20 of the "Billboard" album chart for almost two months.