Sisqo Battling "Dragon" In New Video

After scoring a crucial blow for the world of skimpy swimwear, Sisqo now plans to do battle with a big-ass beast.

The booty-meister will take on a giant dragon in the video for his next single, "Unleash The Dragon." Sisqo's record label reports that the clip will be shot over the first three days of July in Los Angeles, where Sisqo will save the city (and of course a lovely lady as well).

"It's more of a pop kind of video," Sisqo recently told MTV News of his plans for the clip. While he has no problems embracing pop, Sisqo is hoping to his work with DMX in the rapper's video for "What Y'all Want" will help to avoid the "popster" tag. "I think doing this video [with DMX] kind of helps me keep that street credibility. I'm one of the only pop artists that has street credibility, and that's why it's good to have these types of things... collaborating with artists that have a really close

link to the street so that my new fans as well as my old fans won't feel like, 'Ah, he sold out.'" [RealVideo]

Sisqo also upped his street cred with his "Thong Song" remix featuring Foxy Brown which will turn up on the soundtrack to "The Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps" when it's released on July 11. That album also features new music from Jay-Z, Eminem, DMX, Method Man, and Redman.