Limp, Metallica, Sisqo Sound Off On Red Carpet

Oh, the lure of the red carpet... that magical place where artists know the eyes, and ears, of the world are on them.

On Thursday night, those making their way into Radio City Music Hall for the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards took full advantage of their time in the media glare, pushing upcoming projects, offering shout outs, and gawking at the other stars gathered around them.

Making his way through the crowd with his Limp Bizkit bandmates, Fred Durst talked about his upcoming directorial film debut, "Runt," explaining that it's about "the underdog in high school." He said that he'll begin shooting the film after Limp's next album, "Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water," hits stores on October 17. Durst also managed to mention Limp's upcoming tour with Eminem, DMX, Papa Roach, and Xzibit, which he called "'The World's Most Hated' tour."

At the other end of the Napster issue, Metallica's Lars Ulrich discussed his band's legal battle with the online

music distribution service during his time on the red carpet. "Its a non-issue legally. Now it's about educating the public," Ulrich said. "People have been bitching about what we're doing every day for 19 years. We take it all in stride."

Taking the less-seasoned approach, Pink told reporters on the red carpet, "I don't know how to act. It's my first year here.... I want to see what Lil' Kim is wearing."

Similarly, the men of 98 Degrees said that they were intent on checking out Janet Jackson, noting that "she's got a hot single and she's a hot entertainer."

Of course, Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea took a completely different view of the proceedings (as he usually does). "This whole sh** is absurd, ridiculous, and preposterous and is not connected to the reality of my life, yet I feel very close to the music I play, and this is a part of that. I feel very grateful to share that with the world," the bassist remarked.