Smash Mouth Does The Lizard King For Tribute Album

Guitarist Greg Camp and drummer Kevin Coleman told our friends in the MTV Radio Network that they recently entered a recording studio with original Doors guitarist Robbie Krieger to record a track for an upcoming Doors tribute album.

"Robbie Krieger came in and played guitar on the song that we did for the Doors tribute record, which was 'Peace Frog.' That was one of the highlights," Camp explained.

"Robbie's got a little bit of an ego, which is cool because I'm a real Krieger fan," Coleman said. "He was like 'Yeah I wrote all the hits,' which was cool because he's a little tiny guy and he's all, 'Yeah I wrote all the hits,' which I thought was pretty cool. Hanging out with him all day was like... I'm a huge Doors fan, which was great."


sit around and talk about if all the things they said about Jim were true, and he said none of them were true... except that he was completely crazy," [500k Audio File] Camp added.

The band also suggested that Marilyn Manson and X's Exene Cervenka may be on the album.