Marilyn Manson Backs Off Doors Tribute

Looks like Marilyn Manson won't be striking a Jim Morrison-inspired Lizard King pose for the upcoming Doors tribute album after all.

The album is currently being compiled by the Doors' guitarist Robbie Krieger and keyboardist Ray Manzarek, and last week Krieger asserted to MTV News that Manson had recorded the Doors' "Five To One" for the project (see "Doors Tribute With Manson, STP, More Due In Summer").

In a statement posted late Friday on Marilyn Manson's official Internet site -- which has been designated as his sole means of contacting with the outside world (see "Manson To Walk In The 'Valley Of Death' For Next LP") -- the alchemically musical man states that "our recording of '5 to 1' [sic] will not be appearing on the Doors' tribute album."

What Manson does not mention is the final fate of the "Five To One" cover, although his decision to withhold the track from

the album leaves open the possibility that the song might surface on Manson's next studio LP, "Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)," tentatively due out in the fall.

Manson has been rumored to be involved with the forthcoming Doors tribute album for over two years. Originally, Manson was thought to be cutting a new version of "People Are Strange," but that talk ended up being nothing more than hearsay (see "Marilyn Manson Won't Revisit The Doors").

In his recent statement, Manson also says that he and the band "are completing the final stages of our recordings" and that his new record label is called Posthuman Records, which will be distributed by Priority Records. Marilyn Manson will continue to issue his albums via Interscope Records.