Lynch Hangs Up Dokken

December 8 [7:55 EDT] -- After weeks of speculation, George Lynch has left metal rockers Dokken to resurrect his own project, the Lynch Mob (not to be confused with Ice Cube's Lench Mob).

Dokken opened their Christmas tour December 5 at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, California, with John Norum replacing Lynch on guitar, along with regulars Don Dokken up front, Jeff Pilson on bass and Mick Brown on drums. Norum had previously played with Don Dokken on the latter's solo project.

The longstanding acrimonious relationship between Lynch and bandleader Dokken was well known and often acknowledged. The band, together since the early 1980s, had a well-publicized break up 1989 at which point Lynch formed the Lynch Mob with ex-Dokken drummer Mick Brown. The band split up in 1993. Brown, and eventually Lynch, later agreed to rejoin a resurrected Dokken.

Lynch announced the Lynch Mob revival late last month via Dokken's fanzine, "Breaking the Chains," but made no mention

of his future with Dokken, who had announced tour dates from early December through to early January. Few fans knew about his departure prior to the opening concert, although Lynch's picture did not appear in the ads. Fans at the show were told that Norum had rehearsed with Dokken for about two weeks.

Lynch told "Breaking the Chains" that the Lynch Mob is currently recording at the Salt Cellar Studio in Mesa, Arizona. with original members Oni Logan on vocals and Anthony Esposito on bass. He added that while Brown played on demos, he won't be on the record.