Dodgy's Clark Leaves The Band

Dodgy we hardly knew you.

The Brit pop band Dodgy took their U.S. label Polygram to court to finally ensure U.S. releases for their records, but it now appears it was all for not. Dodgy may or may not have broken up, but singer/songwriter Nigel Clark has definitely left the trio and their future is unclear.

England's New Musical Express reports that guitarist Andy Miller and drummer Mathew Priest may possibly continue working together with a new singer under the name Dodgy. Lawyers are sorting that out, as well as other divorce-related matters, including the status of material Clark had recently recorded with the band. Clark, who's embarking on a solo career, was considered responsible for punkier elements of the pop band while Andy Miller supplied the psychedelic side.

Dodgy released three hit albums in England, but NME reports they had to resort to suing Polygram, the U.S. parent to their label A&M, for restraint of trade before the company would agreed

to release their product in the States.

The split has long been rumored. Last year, the bandmembers announced that they would be taking a year off and planned on regrouping in early 1999 to record a new album. Now the plan is to release a double CD anthology this summer that includes the band's singles, some live tracks and some rare, previously unreleased material.

Dodgy's last live show will be at the Guildford Festival in England on August 8.

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