O.D.B. Gets Pass From Rehab To Record WWF Track With Kool Keith

Ol' Dirty Bastard may have a hard time making it to court, but the troubled rapper managed to score a one-day pass from the California rehab facility he currently resides in to record what promises to be one of the strangest collaborations in recent memory.

Late last year, O.D.B. was granted a day pass from rehab to meet Kool Keith at Los Angeles' Echo Sounds Studios. Their mission: to rework WWF superstar Mankind's theme music into a twisted bit of hip-hop magic for an upcoming WWF CD (see "Method Man, Redman, Snoop, O.D.B., More Hook Up With WWF").

Ol' Dirty (real name Russell Jones) is currently serving a one-year sentence in the facility (plus three years probation) and was also granted a short-term release earlier this week for what proved to be a bizarre court appearance in Queens, New York. During the Monday court date, the rapper reportedly made lewd comments to a female district attorney, ignored a judge, and even

fell asleep (see "Ol' Dirty Has Strange Day In New York City Court").

Two days later, he failed to turn up for a scheduled court date in Brooklyn, prompting authorities to issue a bench warrant for the rapper.

Given his legal troubles, fans should be pleased to hear that O.D.B. is getting back to what he does best, even if its just for one track. The Wu-Tang Clan rapper's last album, 1999's "N***a Please," garnered critical praise and landed on numerous critics' year-end top ten lists by the close of '99.

His Kool Keith collaboration will turn up alongside cuts from Snoop Dogg, Run-DMC, Cash Money Millionaires, Method Man & Redman, Mobb Deep, Mystical, Slick Rick, the Hot Boys, and others when "WWF Raw" hits stores on February 29.

-- John Gill, with additional reporting by Robert Mancini

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