Dr. Dre Faces Lawsuit Over Milkbone Song

September 17 [14:00 EDT] -- Dr. Dre is reportedly fending off accusations that he lifted a portion of a song from a group called Milkbone and used it on a track for Scarface.

The Associated Press reports that Milkbone producer James Gist and Set It Off Records filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit against Dre (known to some as Andre Young) on Monday in Los Angeles.

The suit reportedly claims that Dre heard a Milkbone track that samples Lalo Schifrin's "The Human Fly" while he was talking to the group about helping them with a distribution deal. The suit then claims that when talks broke off between Dre and the group, Dre used the sample on the song "Game Over" which he produced for Scarface.

Gist and Set It Off reportedly claim their plans to release Milkbone's song using the same sample had to be dropped, and are seeking $2 million for their troubles.