Dr. Dre Talks About Kurupt Video And His Solo Album

Kurupt and his former Death Row label-mate Dr. Dre recently killed two birds with one three day video shoot in Philadelphia.

As we first reported earlier this week (see "Kurupt To Team With Dr. Dre For New Video"), the two got together to shoot the video for Kurupt's upcoming single, "Ask Yourself A Question," a track that Dre produced for Kurupt's album "Kuruption." The footage will also be used in a 20-minute short film titled "Questions" that should hit video stores next March courtesy of A-List Films, a division of Kurupt's Antra Records.

The director of the clip, Barry Michael Cooper (who also heads A-List for Kurupt), has described the video as "an urban version of the movie 'Seven,'" and Dre himself elaborated to our friends in the MTV Radio Network recently.

"I'm actually playing a detective, as funny as it sounds," Dre told MTV News of his role in the video and

film. "I'm playing a homicide detective, and we're just trying to solve a crime." [28.8 RealAudio]

When he isn't acting, Dre is still working on his upcoming solo album, "The Chronic 2000," which he said he hopes to have ready for in the spring of next year.

Meanwhile, the "Ask Yourself A Question" video should be finished in the next two weeks.