Dr. Dre And Death Row Records Release Competing "Chronic 2000" Albums

Rap elder Dr. Dre, who broke huge in 1992 with his multi-platinum "The Chronic" album -- which also introduced Snoop Doggy Dogg to the world and most recently gave us Eminem-- has been referring to his next record as "The Chronic 2000."

But Dre's one-time Death Row Records partner -- the currently incarcerated Suge Knight -- appears to like the title as well, and Death Row will release its own "Chronic 2000" album next month. Death Row's "Chronic" is a compilation of remixed and previously unreleased tracks that were recorded when Dre was still employed by the label.

That album also includes leftover tracks from Snoop, the late Tupac Shakur -- and a Tupac Shakur sound-alike. Dre's new "Chronic", on the other hand, will contain all-new material, including tracks with Eminem and a reunion with Snoop.

A spokesperson for Suge Knight told MTV News that Death Row has been planning to release its "Chronic 2000" compilation for more than a year, and Dre has said that he has no plans

to change the title of his album either.