Dr. Dre Sues Detroit For $25 Million

Making good on his threats of earlier this week, Dr. Dre and his lawyer filed suit against the city of Detroit on Friday after authorities stopped the rapper from rolling out part of his stage show at a recent concert.

Dre's suit seeks in excess of $25 million from the city after police blocked the rapper from projecting an eight-minute video at last week's "Up In Smoke" show at Detroit's Joe Louis Arena (see "Dr. Dre Fumes, Threatens Lawsuit Over Video Flap"). Dre's camp contends that police threatened to cut off power to the venue if the video was broadcast during the show.

On Friday, Dre and his lawyer Howard King filed suit in U.S. District Court against the city of Detroit, two of the police officers who shut down the video, and the Detroit mayor's press secretary charging all parties with violating the rapper's First Amendment right to free speech.

Speaking earlier this week about Dre's intention to

sue the city, the rapper's lawyer Howard King told MTV News, "It's unconstitutional to deny public expression without a court order."

The controversial video is a very R-rated affair that depicts topless women and bloody gunfights, and is apparently crucial to Dre's set, at least according to the rapper. "I just think that it was wack that everybody in Detroit that has been buying our records for the last decade couldn't see a real Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 'Up In Smoke' show," Dre told MTV News' Kurt Loder immediately after the performance. "Hopefully these people can check out another show that we put together. It won't be at Joe Louis Arena. I would never in my life perform at Joe Louis Arena again, straight up, because it's too much bullsh** that goes on."