Rapper DMX Arrested On Rape Charges

Chart-topping rapper DMX was arrested in New York on Wednesday afternoon on charges of rape, sodomy, and unlawful imprisonment.

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, had been in Virginia, where he was scheduled to launch the "Survival of the Illest" tour with Onyx and Def Squad on Tuesday in Roanoke. After learning that a warrant had been issued for his arrest, DMX returned to New York, where he was booked in the Tremont section of the Bronx and was expected to spend the night in jail as off Wednesday evening.

No details are available yet about the alleged incident, or on the status of DMX's tour, but we'll keep you posted.

DMX recently debuted at the top of the "Billboard" album chart with his "It's Dark & Hell Is Hot," and was scheduled to take the "Survival of the Illest" tour to Hampton, Virginia on Wednesday and Richmond, Virginia on Thursday.

The rapper is best known for his husky-voiced style, which first reached mass audiences

on L.L. Cool J's "4, 3, 2, 1," "24 Hours To Live" with Mase and the Lox, and "Money, Power And Respect" with Li'l Kim and the Lox.