DMX Talks About Hype Williams Film "Belly"

Video director Hype Williams, a multiple nominee at this year's MTV Video Music Awards, is now hoping to finish shooting his first feature film by the end of the month.

The movie's called "Belly," it stars rapper DMX, and it was abruptly shut down back in April with just four days' worth of script left to go.

DMX wasn't too happy with that development, but as he explained to MTV News recently, he doesn't blame the director.

"It's not on Hype at all, but people behind the movie, people with money you know what I'm saying," DMX said. "They invest a certain amount of money, then they renege on half of the investment, you know what I'm saying, then they see a partially completed project they want to put more money into it because they like the work. You had the faith from the beginning, why did it wait? That I don't like, when it's like, we're going to give you this a little bit at a time. No, no. You want to do it, do it. If not, leave

it alone." [635k QuickTime]

DMX has other things to be happy about these days, of course. He does get to rumple some sheets with his "Belly" co-star Terell Hicks, and he and Onyx and Def Squad will be playing Harlem's celebrated Apollo Theatre this weekend to wrap up the East Coast leg of the Survival of the Illest tour.