DMX Defends Violence In "Belly," Survival Of The Illest Tour Video Due

Video ace Hype Williams' controversial film debut, "Belly," took in a meager $3.7 million over the weekend, and continued to draw criticism for its bloody content and portrayal of inner-city life.

As we reported last week (see "Magic Johnson's Theater Chain Rejects Hype Williams' 'Belly'"), the three cinemas owned and operated by retired NBA star Magic Johnson have refused to show "Belly," citing the film's excessive violence -- a subject one of the stars of the movie, DMX, talked about with MTV.

"There's violence in the movie," the rapper said, "but there's a difference between violence and senseless violence, you know what I'm saying? This is not a movie about a serial killer just going around killing for no reason. For every reason that someone's murdered in there, for every act of violence there's a reason behind it. And you can see why, 'OK, that's

why he was shot -- for this reason." "OK, he had to do that because of this." It's not just killing for no reason." [28.8 RealVideo]

DMX will have a new album out next month, entitled "Blood of My Blood, Flesh of My Flesh," and he'll also be featured in a new home video chronicle of last summer's "Survival of the Illest" tour, which is set to arrive in stores on December 8.

Along with DMX, the hip-hop outing also included sets from Onyx and the Def Squad, and the new home video captures the tour during a stop at Harlem's Apollo Theater.