DMX Takes Blood Bath For Second Record This Year

It was only this past May when hardcore rapper DMX's debut album, "It's Dark & Hell Is Hot" shot to number one in its first week. Now, after embarking on his first nationwide tour and starring in his first film, the man with an affinity for canines and violent imagery will be releasing yet another record on December 22.

Entitled "Blood of My Blood, Flesh of My Flesh," the album's cover art depicts DMX soaking in a blood bath, but despite the stomach-turning shot, the record's first single, "Slippin'," is actually a laid back rap reminiscent of his current hit with Faith Evans, "How's It Goin' Down."

Only a few guest artists turn up on the album, as Jay-Z and the Lox appear on a track called "Blowout," Mary J. Blige guests on "Comin' From," and new glam shaman Marilyn Manson chimes in on, fittingly enough, "Omen."

Fans can also catch footage of DMX from this past summer's Survival of the Illest tour, which also features sets from Onyx and the Def Squad, when

a home video documenting the hip-hop outing arrives in stores on December 8.