DJ Rap's "Trippy" Video Inspired By Action-Film Director

Jungle DJ-turned-diva Charissa Saverio, a.k.a. DJ Rap, released her first album as a singer-songwriter, "Learning Curve," in the U.S. earlier this month, and its winning combination of break beats and pop hooks has been earning praise from critics.

DJ Rap's first mainstream attention in this country came with the single "Good to Be Alive" [RealVideo], which appeared on the soundtrack to the edgy flick "Go." The video for the song finds the singer hanging upside down (while appearing to be right side up) while water ripples, rolls, and splashes across the "ceiling" above her.

"[It] was a completely crazy video," DJ Rap told MTV News. "It was underwater. I was upside down the whole time. It was quite a complicated video, and it was a bit trippy and surreal, and I like those videos that have a bit of an edge."

The clip has an additional cinematic

connection; its liquid special effects were inspired by the work of acclaimed action-film director Luc Besson ("La Femme Nikita," "The Fifth Element"), though the 1988 movie it references is remembered more for its watery setting than for any bloody shoot-'em-ups.

"Have you seen a film called 'The Big Blue?'" asked DJ Rap. "There was a scene where the water was all coming down on this guy, and [the video is] like that. That's what we got the idea from. So you know, I had to shoot it in a harness, and it was major insurance, and it was really funny, but it was taxing. I mean, it's a good job I work out, because otherwise I couldn't have done that video. It was very strenuous, but I loved every minute of it. It was cool. Very cool." [RealVideo]

DJ Rap is currently making live appearances in Europe.

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