Gang Starr, Ten Years Strong, Drops "Full Clip" For Fans

Weighing in on Tuesday with thirty-three tracks on two discs (or four vinyl LPs) is "Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr," a collection of greatest hits, b-sides, and remixes by the veteran hip-hop duo of DJ Premier and Guru.

"Full Clip" follows Gang Starr's most successful album to date, 1998's "Moment of Truth." As DJ Premier told MTV News, part of the reason why the duo decided to release the collection was because it wasn't able to put on a full-scale tour for "Truth," so fans didn't get to hear the duo perform its hits alongside the newer tracks.

"Being that we didn't get to accomplish that [tour]," DJ Premier began, "and everything was so hectic with [the] schedule, and this is also a chance for us to still rehash that and still include all the old a way, it kind of works together with the last album and this."

"At the same time," DJ Premier added, "[it's] just to show that

we've been here ten years together, as Guru and Premier, and have put it down and outlasted that quote-unquote 'one or two albums and then fall off'-type of a set. We don't want to get caught up in that." [RealVideo]

"Full Clip" also features three new songs, including the title track and the current single, "Discipline," featuring Total. The collection is in stores now.