Divine On Almost Saying "Later" To "Lately"

The teen R&B trio of Divine recently graduated from high school, and received a rather unusual graduation present -- a Number One hit for "Lately," the first single from Divine's debut album, "Fairy Tales."

Despite the chart-topping success of "Lately" [28.8 RealVideo], Divine's Nikki, Kia and Tonia told MTV News that they weren't convinced that the song was quite suited for them when they first heard it -- and have been surprised at how the tune has taken off.

"At first we didn't feel strongly about the single," Kia said, "because we're young and we wanted a hip-hop, fast song that all the kids could dance to. We were like, 'No! Not a ballad, not a ballad.' And it came out and we saw it shoot to the top and we were like, wow we didn't know how strong it was." [28.8 RealVideo]

Divine is currently

in the

midst of a radio promotional tour, and are hoping to head out on their first nationwide tour sometime after the New Year.