Spice Girls Sell Out Spawns Ticket Scalping Investigation, Probe Expands To Include Celine Dion Tour

It's no surprise that tickets for the Spice Girls upcoming concert at New York City's Madison Square Garden sold out quickly, but the State Attorney General's office thinks it may have been a bit too quickly.

The office says it will launch an investigation into the possibility that large chunks of the 13,000 tickets for the group's July 1 show at the Garden were snatched up by scalpers and ticket brokers who re-sell tickets at a huge profit.

Tickets for the Spice Girls show sold out in 12 minutes -- leaving lots of angry folks on line outside the Garden Saturday morning.

A spokesperson for the attorney general says they will examine the entire process, from when the tickets were printed to when they were distributed to customers, or brokers.

The spokesperson also plans to track whether the tickets for the New York dates of Celine Dion's tour -- which went on sale Monday -- were affected by a similar scalping scheme.

The office also plans to talk with

Ticketmaster, as well as out-of-state brokers who may also be responsible, but said that they consider the Spice Girls to be victims of the situation.

Under New York law, it is legal for brokers to hike up the price on a ticket by $5 or 10 percent of the face value -- whichever is greater.

Many other Spice Girls shows around the country sold out in no time flat, but so far only New York says it smells a scalping rat.