Dinosaur Jr. Decide To Call It Quits

December 4 [11:00 EDT] -- You won't have Dinosaur Jr. to kick around anymore.

The alt rock veterans who were driven by the melancholy guitar wanderings of J Mascis for some 13 years have decided to call it quits.

In a statement released Wednesday, spokespeople for the band say that when the group wrapped up its current U.S. tour and found itself without a record label (Reprise Records had dropped the band a few weeks ago), they decided the time was right to pack it in.

Since forming in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1984, the group has gone on to release seven albums and manage to prompt "Spin" magazine to once proclaim "J Mascis is God."

Original bassist and Dino co-founder Lou Barlow left the band in 1988, forming Sebadoh. Barlow's departure lead to a string of temporary replacements, including Gumball's Don Fleming and Screaming Trees Van Connor, before settling on Mike Johnson in 1992.

Original drummer Murph then left the band in 1994, and after Mascis

himself handled drum duties on 1994's "Without A Sound" George Berz was brought on as the band's new fulltime drummer.

The group released its last album, "Hand It Over," earlier this year, and despite critical praise, found little commercial success (a scenario familiar to the band throughout its career).

Mascis and Johnson will now pursue solo careers, while, according to the statement, Berz "will be accepting lucrative offers to drum for rock bands."