Call Him Ishmael: New Album Due From Ex-Digable Planets Frontman

She's solo like dat, he's solo like dat.

Even though the Grammy-winning rap group Digable Planets has been defunct for over five years, the individual members are finally beginning to resurface with their own respective solo projects and albums.

Former Planets frontman Ishmael -- who previously used the rap handle of "Butterfly" -- has just put the final mixing touches on a new solo album, "Ishmael Since 1999," which he recorded with co-producer Marcel Sanders in several studios in San Francisco and New York City.

"Ishmael Since 1999" is due out in June, while the as-yet-to-be-decided first single is tentatively scheduled to be released to radio in April. In the meantime, Lady Mecca, formerly known as Planets MC "Ladybug," is still at work on her solo record, which she also hopes will be ready for a summer release.