Alana Davis Gets Down With Ani DiFranco's "32 Flavors"

Alana Davis is a different kind of rising star folk singer, whose jazzy vocal style on her critically acclaimed album, "Blame It On Me," has drawn comparisons to Joni Mitchell and Pheobe Snow.

The Manhattan-based Davis grew up with a mother who sang, and a father who was a jazz musician. However, she didn't start writing songs until a few years ago.

Her first single and video is actually an interpretation of the Ani DiFranco tune, "32 Flavors." However, the track is not a word for word cover. Davis explained to MTV News why.

"Ani DiFranco is very much her own song writer, you know and I think of her songs as being very specific to her ideals and stuff. At first I wasn't sure about taking her ideas and trying to make them my own and reinterpreting them. But I started to play around with it I don't know, I took out the parts that I wasn't comfortable with, you know, and I put in ideas of my own and sent her

a copy of it and she said she loved it, so..."[784k Quicktime]

Alana Davis hits the road, opening for G. Love and Special Sauce on March 10 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Ani DiFranco, by the way, releases her new album "Little Plastic Castle" next week and launches a tour of her own on April 3 in Durham, New Hampshire.