Ani DiFranco Weds, Hits Studio

Ani DiFranco surprised fans recently by wedding her sound engineer, Andrew Gilchrist, with little notice over the weekend, and the singer now plans to spend the rest of the year in the studio and on the road working on a variety of projects.

A source at Righteous Babe Records confirms that DiFranco and Gilchrist tied the knot last Saturday during a private ceremony, but the couple won't be taking time off for a normal honeymoon, as DiFranco is already in the studio this week (presumably with the hubby) working on a new album which is likely to be issued early next year.

Her latest effort, "Little Plastic Castle," was released in February, and Gilchrist (aka Goat Boy), who engineers DiFranco's live sound for concerts, shares a credit with DiFranco for mixing that album.

But DiFranco and Gilchrist won't be spending too much time in the studio, either, as the performer, who has turned down stints with Lollapalooza and Lilith Fair, will begin another leg of touring

with her band in mid-June and through the fall.

In related news, DiFranco is currently supervising the release of a live album culled from a Woody Guthrie tribute concert held at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to be issued on her label, Righteous Babe. DiFranco also plans to work with veteran folk singer Utah Phillips at DiFranco's home studio in Buffalo in the near future.