Deftones Plow Through Europe Despite Van Break-in, Break Down

The Deftones suffered a bit of a setback during their recent swing through Europe, a loss that will actually wind up having a direct effect on the group's fans.

While the band was playing a gig in Berlin, thieves pillaged the group's tour van making off with camera equipment and CDs. Of greater import to Deftones fans though would be the fact that the criminals made off with a number of video tapes containing performance and behind-the-scenes footage that the band had hoped to compile on a home video release late later this year.

While the theft left Deftones devotees with the short end of the home video stick, the crime also left the band with no clothing except for what they happened to be wearing on stage that night.

Once the band got back on the road, the band faced another minor setback when their bus broke down on the way to Stockholm, Sweden leaving the group stranded in sub-zero temperatures until the bus was repaired.

The off-stage troubles haven't

put a crimp in the band's firestorm performances, which will return to the States this summer. Meanwhile, the band will soon release "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)" [800k QuickTime Live], the second video from its album, "Around The Fur."