Deftones Talk About Ozzfest/Warped Marriage

It wasn't exactly a hard target.

When Ozzy Osbourne's Ozzfest and the Vans Warped tour converged in Somerset, Wisconsin last weekend, police issued over 400 citations for underage drinking, drug possession, and disorderly conduct.

Meanwhile, Minnesota police arrested at least 200 more on drunk driving charges at the border, which is eight miles away.

Some 39,000 fans were at the 12-hour, six-stage, 48-band event, and so were the Deftones, perhaps the only band on the Warped bill that's metallic enough for the Ozzfest. They also played Warped in 1996, and at last weekend's show, the Deftones explained why, if given a choice, they would probably stick with Warped over the Ozzfest.

"I think there is more diversity at the Warped Tour," said bassist Chi Cheng. "The difference is that because the Warped has bands like us and Ozomatli and NOFX and Rancid, you'll get a wider range of crowd, a lot more diversity [700k QuickTime]

-- which is good for all of our bands. Whereas the Ozzfest is a good show but it kind of has the same crowd [for] the same styles."

"Maybe you could say the Ozzfest seems to be fueled by aggression more," added vocalist Chino Moreno, "and the Warped Tour is more of a party vibe in a way." [500k QuickTime]

Both tours are in the Detroit area this week, with Warped at Scenic Street on Wednesday, and the Ozzfest at Pine Knob on Thursday.