Sevendust Talks About Teaming With Deftones' Chino, Plans New Video

The appearance of Deftones frontman Chino Moreno on the upcoming album from Sevendust may seem like one of those things that was just destined to happen, but apparently it almost didn't come together.

During the sessions for "Home," Sevendust decided to go light on guest appearances and had tapped Skunk Anansie singer Skin as the only guest for the album. However, during the last week of recording, guitarist Clint Lowery had an idea that answered to the name "Chino."

"We had finished up for the night," Sevendust guitarist John Connelly explained, "and we were down in the pool room when Clint came through and said, 'I wonder if we ought to get Chino in,' and we were like, 'God, why didn't we think of that.' We made the call that night.... It was like one o'clock in the morning. He wanted to be there on Friday, and we were like, 'Whoa, wait a minute. Come Monday. Friday's a little early. That only gives

us two days to get ready,' but it was a blast." [RealAudio]

The band reached into its bag of leftover tracks and pulled out what became "Bender," a song that will see Chino and Sevendust frontman Lajon Witherspoon sharing vocal duties.

"Chino came out at the end of the work process of the album, and we pulled out a song that we had thrown away that probably wasn't going to make the album," Witherspoon explained. "Chino heard it and liked it a lot. We all collaborated and sat down together and came out with a really tight song. I'm happy about it. It shows both our vocal styles."

"We actually wanted to do a different one," Connelly added. "We kind of thought he'd latch on to another, but he went straight for this one."

The track will finally surface when "Home" hits record stores on August 24. Before that, the band will roll out the album's first single, "Denial," on July19. Sevendust plans to shoot a video for the song later this summer.