Keith Murray Ordered Arrested

Keith Murray's latest musical contribution is due for release in November, but the rapper himself won't be so lucky. After failing to get any breaks on a three-year sentence for assault, Murray has now been ordered arrested by a judge in New Britain, Connecticut, after failing to turn himself in on Thursday.

Murray, a member of Def Squad as well as a solo artist, was charged in 1995 for his part in an altercation with show promoters at New Britain nightclub called the Sting allegedly over money following Murray's performance at the venue. According to a report in the "New Britain Herald" taken from court documents, Murray hit then 16-year-old David Hughes, who was the promoter's brother, with a bar stool after others involved in the fight had knocked Hughes down and were kicking him. Hughes had apparently been trying to break up a fight between members of Murray's posse and his brother. Hughes claimed he was left with facial scars, headaches and psychological trauma.


was sentenced to five years in prison for secondary assault with the time to be suspended after three years, with an additional three years of probation. He was freed on a $150,000 appeal bond. He lost one appeal In May in Hartford Appellate Court, but his lawyer tried again in a New Britain court in August, putting forth an argument to have the sentence reduced to six months on the condition that Murray seeks drug and alcohol treatment. The request was denied, but Murray still remained free on bond pending an appeal to the state Supreme Court. But on Thursday, Murray had exhausted all his appeals, and had been ordered to turn himself in to New Britain court officials at 9 a.m. to begin serving his three-year sentence.

Murray was still a no-show at 1 p.m., and the judge ordered his bond revoked and reset at $2 million. The "Herald" reported that Murray's lawyer said he didn't know where Murray was. They quoted a spokesperson for his record label, Jive, as saying that Murray

had also failed to show up at the label's office for some promotional duties for his new album. The paper reports that Murray could face additional jail time for his actions.

Murray most recently appears on the new R. Kelly album, "R." due next month, plus he has his own album, ""It's a Beautiful Thing," scheduled for release November 24.