Keith Murray And Attorney Dispute Representation, Rapper Still On Lam

Last week rapper Keith Murray was declared a fugitive from the law after he failed to turn himself in and begin serving a three-year sentence for assault.

Murray was convicted in 1996 for assaulting a fan with a metal barstool during a brawl at a Connecticut nightclub. Murray, who steadfastly denies those charges, told MTV News back in August how he's been coping with the situation on a day-to-day basis.

"If I stay focused," Murray said, "if I stay Keith Murray, then I stay straight -- no matter what I go through, no matter what. Because it could be worse. I could be dead right now, you know what I'm saying? It's either one or the other, and where I'm from, it's likely to be the other [way around]. So I just stay myself. I stay smiling, I keep the people around me happy the best way I can and face the problem head on." [28.8 RealVideo]

Murray's last attorney of record, Anthony DiPentima,

says he notified Murray's management that the rapper had to report to police in Connecticut last week. A spokesperson for Murray, however, says that as of two weeks ago, DiPentima was no longer representing Murray.

The rapper's reps also added that they've hired another lawyer, who was scheduled to present his case in court on Monday, but declined to name the attorney or Murray's whereabouts.