Keith Murray Surfaces On Cable Access Show, Remains A Wanted Man

Rapper Keith Murray, who has been on the run for about a month after failing to begin a three-year prison term, called into a New York cable access show on Monday night.

Murray, who was convicted of assault in 1996, was out on appeal until September 24 when he was ordered by a Connecticut judge to begin serving the three-year sentence. When Murray failed to turn himself in, the same judge ordered him re-arrested and set his bail at $2 million.

Before Monday's call to Star and Buc-Wild's Player Hater Line, no one had seen or heard from Murray since the judge's order, although his Def Squad cohort Redman alluded to Murray's whereabouts when speaking with Chris Connelly last weekend at the MTV Sports and Music Festival.

"That's for me to know and y'all motherf***ers to find out," Redman told MTV News when asked where Murray might be.

"Stealth bombers couldn't find him," Method Man added.

"I got him right here in my pocket. Say ho! What up Murray?,"

Redman joked.

Ironically, it was Redman's DJ who called into the cable access show and put Murray on the line Monday night.

"Yo Star what up? It's Keith Murray," the rapper said during his call to the show. "Listen, it ain't the fact that I'll turn myself in for a time. It's a conspiracy theory against me, yo... And we all know how it's going to blow over, just like you said Star. That time is going to blow over, but right now I'm in a situation, sh** ain't no game."

If anyone in Keith's camp knows where he is, they aren't talking. Murray came into the MTV studios while out on appeal in August, and at the time it seemed like he was ready to face the music.

"If I got to go," the rapper told MTV News at the time. "If god wants me to go, I'll go and when I come back, I'll be sharper, more intelligent, more lethal to the system, more lethal towards anything that's opposing or oppressing situations that I feel in my heart for, you know what I mean."