Dave Hollister: "The EPMD Of R&B"

Vocalist Dave Hollister is enjoying a hit on urban radio with "My Favorite Girl," the first single from his just-issued debut LP, "Ghetto Hymns." In addition to his solo career, Hollister is also a card-carrying member of the Def Squad, a rap collective that includes Redman, Keith Murray, and EPMD's Erick Sermon.

Hollister signed to Sermon's own Def Squad/Dreamworks label, and Sermon also produced the majority tracks on "Ghetto Hymns." In a recent interview with the MTV Radio Network, Sermon described Hollister's music as "rugged R&B," while Eric's partner in EPMD, Parrish Smith (an admitted hardcore B-boy himself) claims to be one of Hollister's biggest fans -- and not because he's biased.

"Yo, I'm tryin' to tell you man," Smith said, "[Dave's] music and the way... It's just a relief on your mentals, man. It's like, you play that tape and it's like wow, that music is right there with you. And that's not to promote it 'cause it's E, I'm a Dave fan."

Smith also referred Hollister

as the "EPMD of R&B." Dave Hollister recently completed a House of Blues Tour in support of Ginuwine and is planning to do another round of dates later this summer.