Dead Can Dance's Lisa Gerrard Joins Film-Score Ranks With "Insider"

Former Dead Can Dance vocalist Lisa Gerrard and her current collaborator, Pieter Bourke, are providing the score for the upcoming Al Pacino film "The Insider," directed by Michael Mann.

Selections from Gerrard's 1995 solo album "The Mirror Pool" appeared in Mann's last movie, "Heat." This time around, the director-screenwriter (perhaps best-known for the TV series "Miami Vice" and the cult favorite "Manhunter") first tapped Gerrard to provide a few numbers to the soundtrack, which then led to Gerrard and Bourke composing the score for the entire film.

The soundtrack album, due out on October 26, will also include tracks by Massive Attack and Graeme Revell, among others. The movie, which co-stars Russell Crowe ("L.A. Confidential"), will open on November 5.

Director Mann is known for pursuing unconventional sources for his soundtracks, having tapped the prog-tronic band Tangerine Dream to score his 1981 film "Thief," as well as innovating the TV-soundtrack genre with the

top-selling "Miami Vice" album, which he executive produced.

Along with former partner Brendan Perry, Gerrard started up Dead Can Dance in 1981. Known for fusing traditional instrumentation with technology and flaunting pan-cultural, multi-generational musical influences, the duo released nine albums with the ethereally oriented indie 4AD before dissolving in 1998.

Gerrard and Bourke were last heard on their highly praised album "Duality," which was released in 1998.