Days Of The New Cancel Tour

Days of the New have cancelled the remainder of their tour after singer Travis Meeks apparently "got on the bus and went home" following the band's show in Dallas last Thursday night.

A staff member at the House of Blues in New Orleans told MTV News that he received a call from a band rep Friday afternoon saying the show scheduled for the venue that evening was off. The staffer was told that Meeks had left the tour but was given no specific reason for the singer's departure. Opening acts Finger 11 from Canada and England's Flight 16 played the date on their own. The tour had been scheduled to last through at least early December.

A source close to Finger 11 said that following Thursday's show, Meeks approached the band, thanked them for their participation saying it had been great working with them, said his goodbyes and left, but they didn't realize at the time he was actually leaving the tour.

Days of the New band members and other sources close to the group have offered

up explanations to fans and others that have included 'technical difficulties,' 'bad scheduling,' 'Travis flipped out,' 'they wanted to work on a new album' and 'band in-fighting.' A spokesperson for the band's label said that Meeks was physically ill.

The truth probably covers most of the above, given the band's past. The young Meeks, still in his teens, has had a history of erratic behavior, and Days of the New has had a long history of infighting -- it's been reported that only Meeks and some input from drummer Matt Taul will be on the new album. (see "Days Of The New Continue to Confuse"). The record is expected out in the spring.

Meanwhile, Days of the New fans who had been looking forward to seeing the band live can console themselves with a home video scheduled for release December 1. The video will include live performances and interviews among other content.