Days Of The New Are Two

Outpost Records has finally confirmed that Days of the New has indeed split apart as first reported by MTV News last June. (see "Days Of The New's Travis Meeks Tells Fans He's Dropping Bandmates"). The label had previously denied the reports with the hope that singer Travis Meeks would change his mind about his decision to fire bandmates guitarist Todd Whitener, drummer Matt Taul and bassist Jesse Vest. Meeks is the group's primary songwriter.

Outpost also confirms that the Meek-less trio is staying together under a new name and is looking for another singer. Meeks himself has been working on finishing up what amounts to a solo album with producer Scott Litt, to be released under the Days of the New moniker most likely in the late Spring or early summer. The album's working title has been "Days of the New 2" and sees Meeks himself providing most, but not all, of the instruments. According to a spokesperson for

the label, some of the tracks were done with all or some of the original members, others feature no original members.

The record is expected to be a departure from Days Of The New's straight ahead hard rock debut. The new effort incorporates a female vocalist, symphony orchestration and world beat instruments among other oddities.

Meeks has been playing with various other musicians since cutting short a club tour last fall, which proved to be his last outing with his old band (see "Days Of The New Cancel Tour"), but who will be in the band when he's ready to tour this summer is anybody's guess.