Days Of The New Shoot The "Enemy"

Days of the New is currently wrapping up production on a video the group shot in its hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, for its new single, "Enemy," late last week.

A call went out to fans earlier in the week, inviting them to take part as extras in a scene shot Thursday at the classic Palace Theater. Reports from the set say that the stage was decorated with trees reminiscent of the band's album covers, and that the scene appeared to have a "haunting" theme, as it featured people dressed as spirits holding glowing balls.

A spokesperson from the band's label, Outpost/Interscope, declined to comment on the storyline but confirmed that the video was directed by Louisville native Chip Dumstorf, who's also responsible for the art direction on the band's second, self-titled album, which is due out on August 31.

The spokesperson also told MTV News that bandleader Travis Meeks' only comment on the clip is, "I love this video, and that's all I have to say."

Meanwhile, Louisville

will also be the setting for the unveiling of the new Days of the New. As previously reported by MTV News, Meeks is the group's only remaining original member (see "Days Of The New Re-Emerges With New Album, Lineup; Old Members Regroup"). He'll be debuting his new band at an in-store appearance September 4 at 6 p.m. at the Ear Xtacy store on Barnstown Road.

The band is firming up tour dates, but the spokesperson declined to comment on the where the group would be headed.