Everlast, Dave Matthews Pitch In For Santana

Nearly thirty years after the debut of its first album, Santana has a new release on the horizon, and the band has wrangled some high-profile collaborators for it.

"Supernatural" hits stores on June 15, and will bring with it an all-star lineup including Dave Matthews, Everlast, and Wyclef Jean on selected tracks. Everlast helps out on "Put Your Lights On," Wyclef lends his talents to " Maria, Maria," and Matthews turns up on a track called "Love of My Life."

As we first reported last year, the album will also feature a guest appearance by Lauryn Hill (see [article id="1428679"]"Fugees' Lauryn Hill Records With Santana, Wyclef For Gloria Estefan"[/article]).

The legendary band has released more than 30 albums over the course of its career and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.