Das Efx Spans "Generation" Gap

The tongue-twisting rappers Das Efx have just released their fourth record, "Generation Efx," which finds the group expanding its sonic stylings in order to remain relevant to hip-hop's ever-changing audience.

The band first emerged on the scene with 1992's "Dead Serious" and has been credited with interjecting a spirited dose of fun back into hip-hop music. But while in the studio, Das Efx decided that their new record should be more representative of the urban genre's growing diversity.

"Das has been around for a little while," Skoob told MTV Radio. "And just being able to go around to different countries, you get to see different people. [500k QuickTime] Like, since '92 the game has really widened. The audience is a lot bigger than it was back in the day, especially for hip hop. We didn't want to make an album and just target one specific audience as far as an R&B or an underground

hip-hop audience."

Aside from appearances by long-time collaborator Parrish Smith, Redman, Nocturnal and Smith and Eric Sermon under the guise of EPMD, the record also features the band's experiment with a more hardcore edge on "No Doubt," a track the duo cut with MOP and Teflon. "Generation Efx" is in stores now.