Travolta, R.E.M., Moby, Danzig Make Movie/Music Crossovers

July 17 [7:55 EDT] -- Taking a page from the Madonna playbook, folks from John Travolta to R.E.M. to Glenn Danzig are expanding their career horizons and further blurring the line between the movie and music industries.

John Travolta scored five top forty hits in the 1970s between his "Grease" soundtrack and his own inimitable solo work. Now he returns to crooning with a duet on the upcoming Carly Simon album "Film Noire." Travolta and Simon cover the Hoagie Charmichael standard, "Two Sleepy People."

Meanwhile R.E.M.'s Mike Mills is composing the score for the upcoming family drama "A Cool, Dry Place" starring Vince Vaughn of "Swingers" and "Chasing Amy"'s Joey Lauren Adams. Mills and his fellow R.E.M.-ers will also contribute a new song to the film's soundtrack.

Following in the footsteps of "X-Files" star Gillian Anderson's recent U.K. techno single, Isabella Rosselini throws down vocally on "Curtains," the new album from England's Tindersticks. Rosselini quietly

duets with Stuart Staples on the track "A Marriage Made in Heaven."

Moby and Jawbox are among the musicians with cameos in the just shot indie film "Platipussy" which hopes to do for Riot Grrls what "Spinal Tap" did for metal. MC Lyte also makes her dramatic debut in the film which is currently looking for distribution.

Moby is also prepping for the September 6 release of his own album of movie music appropriately titled, "I Like To Score," which features his version of the James Bond theme among others.

On the subject of Bond, we previously reported that Sheryl Crow will belt out the title track to the newest Bond film, "Tomorrow Never Dies," and it turns out that Iggy Pop, Chrissy Hynde, and Pulp are all expected to contribute Bond covers for a compilation called "Shaken Not Stirred" due out this fall. No word yet on who gets stuck with "For your Eyes Only."

Finally, as we previously reported, metal maven Glenn Danzig will show his new animated short "Satanika" [1MB QuickTime] at the Comicon comic book convention in San Diego this weekend. The three-minute short is a Japanese animation take on a character from a comic put out by Danzig's Verotik publishing company. The clip also features music by Danzig and vocals by someone called Jenny Sexluv.

There's no word yet on a theatrical release for "Satanika," but you can catch it at the Comicon convention this Thursday through Sunday.