Danzig Rarities Getting Reissue Treatment

Some of demonic rocker Glen Danzig's most sought-after titles will once again be available when E-Magine Entertainment re-releases three Danzig albums early next year.

"Sacrifice," "Black Aria," and "Blackacidevil" will all resurface on February 8 at e-maginemusic.com, all bolstered with new artwork or new songs. The hard to find "Sacrifice" EP has been remixed by J.P Thirwell and will now also carry two new "Sacrifice" remixes as well as three bonus tracks: "Deepest," "Deeper Still," and "Serpentia."

E-magine will also put Danzig's 1993 classical dalliance "Black Aria" back on the market after a three-year absence. This time out, the album (which sold more than 500,000 copies during its initial run) will carry new artwork.

Finally, Danzig's controversial 1996 release "Blackacidevil" will return as well. The album was yanked from stores shortly after its release by Disney-owned Hollywood Records, and will now resurface with work from guest guitarist Jerry

Cantrell (of Alice In Chains and solo fame) and three new tracks: "Deeper," "Bleedangel," and "Don't Be Afraid."

The reissues are the latest product of Danzig's deal with E-magine, which allows fans to order Danzig music online, and either download it or have it shipped to their homes (see "Danzig Breaks From Legal Limbo With New Album, Re-Releases, Tour").

"The situation we're in now is just so much better, and this is more like a partnership between my label Evilive and Christoph (Ruecker)'s E-magine label. And we're fully Internet and traditional distribution, and things have just become so crazy and so much freer right now, that it's a great opportunity, not just for Danzig, but for so many other acts to get out of that traditional slavery kind of contract to the major label. It's great."