Danzig Nixes Misfits Reunion Rumors

Despite rumors to the contrary, Danzig frontman Glenn Danzig said he is not reuniting with his former band The Misfits.

Since Danzig's split with the band 17 years ago, followers of the ghoulish punk outfit have held on to the fading hope that the frontman would return to the fold. Those hopes were further fueled by recent rumors (some of which turned up online) of a reunion tour.

Danzig spoke with MTV News recently and flatly denied those rumors, stating that he has no intentions of hooking up with The Misfits.

Instead, Danzig said he is still intently focused on life with the band that bears his name. Danzig is currently pulling together a double-live album (culled from dates on his 1992, 1994, and 1999 tours) that is expected to surface this fall. The metal vet also said he expects to deliver his next studio effort, "Danzig 7," next summer, and that he expects to take Danzig out on the road in South America and Europe later this year. The band

is also considering the possibility of doing three weeks' worth of U.S. dates.

Meanwhile, The Misfits' current incarnation (bassist Jerry Only, guitarist Doyle Von Frankenstein, drummer Dr. Chud, and vocalist Michale Graves) has been making the rounds in recent weeks, playing dates throughout the East Coast and visiting various sci-fi and toy conventions.

The Misfits' Danzig-fronted lineup ran from the band's formation in 1977 through 1983 and yielded two studio albums, 1982's "Walk Among Us" and 1983's "Earth A.D.," as well as the 1985 rarities collection "Legacy Of Brutality."

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