Da Brat Unveils New Look, Plans For New Album

Da Brat, who made history in 1995 by becoming the first female rapper ever to go platinum, is back in the studio. She's working on her as-yet-untitled third album, which will feature tracks by Jermaine Dupri (who produced 1994's "Funkdafied" and 1996's "Anuthatantrum") as well as Timbaland.

Also new for the rapper is an image campaign, which she unveiled at last month's Soul Train Awards. MTV News' Chris Connelly was there to ask whether we'd be seeing more of her glamorous new look in the future.

"Possibly," she replied. "I'll take it there a little bit. But I do still like my t-shirts and my jeans and sneakers, you know... and not having to comb my hair and wearing braids."

Connelly also asked Da Brat when we can expect to see her new disc in stores. She said, "Probably June or July... This summer, so people can ride with their tops down to it."

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The rapper is currently featured on Kelly Price's "Secret Love" and also appears on the upcoming Charli Baltimore record, "Ice."