UPDATE: Da Brat Brawl Allegedly Spurs Atlanta Shooting

Last week's brawl between Da Brat and another female at an Atlanta bar may have sparked a retaliatory act of violence, as five people were injured in a drive-by shooting on Sunday morning in front of Da Brat's apartment building in metro-Atlanta.

According to the "Atlanta Journal-Constitution," the shooting occurred around 3:40 a.m. Sunday as a group of nine were returning from a birthday party in a stretch limousine and were dropping off some of its passengers at the same Post Chastain address where Da Brat also resides.

The rapper, real name Shawntae Harris, was not in the city at the time of the drive-by, as she has been in Cancun, Mexico working on a new video prior to the launch of the Mariah Carey tour on March 16. Da Brat is scheduled to open up all nine the R&B diva's North American dates.

Atlanta police believe the limousine and its occupants were fired upon by two unknown assailants in what they originally believed to be a silver Ford Thunderbird as the

limo pulled into a gated apartment complex off of Roswell Road. But on Monday the police reversed itself, saying that it wasn't clear what kind of car the men, who remain at large, were driving.

Five people were injured at the scene, including chauffeur Rodney Kemp and passengers Steve Bennet, Fray Gordon, Sonya Kelley, and Pamela Johnson. The "Atlanta Journal-Constitution" indicates that only Bennet has been released after being treated at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Earlier reports erroneously suggested that Da Brat personally knew and was friends with the victims, although police now believe that the shooting might have been prompted by a case of mistaken identity, as the limousine is said to resemble one the rapper has been known to rent.

Even though she wasn't directly involved in the shooting, one of the victims told police that the attack might have been motivated by the altercation last week between Da Brat and Rezue Robateue at the Chili Peppers club in Buckhead (see

"UPDATE: Da Brat Arrested For Battery In Club Incident").

Da Brat was arrested and charged with aggravated battery for allegedly attacking Robateue, who herself faces a charge of simple battery in the case. Da Brat is scheduled to appear in an Atlanta court on April 13, two days after new album, "Unrestricted," is due in stores.