Da Brat Faces New Round Of Legal Proceedings

Da Brat received some bad legal news on Thursday, as an Atlanta court ruled that there was enough probable cause for a higher court to review the felony battery charge leveled against the rapper.

Brat, who had to miss opening for Mariah Carey in Boston on Thursday night in order to appear in court, has been charged with a felony count of aggravated battery for her role in an altercation with Rezue Robateue at Buckhead's Chili Pepper club in March (see "Da Brat Arrested For Battery In Club Incident").

During the proceedings, Atlanta Municipal Court judge Jacqueline Bennett bounded the case over to Fulton County Superior Court for possible review by a grand jury because the charge was of a felony degree.

According to "The Atlanta Journal," Da Brat proclaimed that she was "innocent, baby, all the way," after the court handed down its decision.

The rapper, who released her newest solo album, "Unrestricted,"

earlier this week, also celebrated her 26th birthday on Friday.

A spokesperson for the Atlanta DA's office told MTV News that it would likely take between three weeks and two months for the case to come before a grand jury, unless the District Attorney's office or Da Brat's lawyers push to expedite the matter.

Representatives for Da Brat had yet to return phone calls seeking comment on the matter by press time.