INXS Regroups With Terence Trent D'Arby For Stadium Show

The regrouped INXS has announced that Terence Trent D'Arby will be providing the vocals when the band opens a new stadium in Australia on June 17.

The group staged a press conference Thursday in Sydney that put to rest multiple rumors that had everyone from Mick Jagger to former Baby Animals singer Suze DeMarchi taking over the microphone vacated by the late Michael Hutchence.

D'Arby, a longtime friend of Hutchence's, had been considered a strong contender, but in March he had posted a statement on the Web site belonging to his current label, Java Records, denying the reports. It read in part, "Although I am flattered by the rumors of my taking [Hutchence's] place in INXS, they have no substance beyond that."

The eccentric D'Arby, who also uses the name Sananda these days, is best known for the funky 1988 charttopper "Wishing Well."

The bandmembers told the assembled press that D'Arby's participation was, at least for the moment, a one-night-only affair and pointed out

that D'Arby is currently recording his own solo album in Los Angeles.

This will be the second performance by a regrouped INXS. The band made a surprise appearance at a concert celebrating the 25th anniversary of Mushroom Records last November with Aussie singer Jimmy Barnes (see "Michael Hutchence Memorial... Mushroom Concert Video Due Soon")

According to press sources down under, INXS also confirmed at the conference that the band is currently in the studio recording but remained evasive about the future of the vocalist's slot and about the future of the material being recorded.

According to Australian music journalist Christie Eliezer, an INXS album of out-takes from the group's last six albums is due later in the year. Sources speculate that this album will also include a few new tracks.

Meanwhile, a previously recorded but unreleased Hutchence solo album will be issued this summer (see "Michael

Hutchence Solo Album Set For Summer Release"). D'Arby's current solo project, "The Solar Return Of Terence Trent D'Arby - Confessions of a Powernoise Schizophonic," is due out in September on Glen Ballard's Java label.