Dr. Dre Teams With Cypress Hill's Muggs

Feb. 12 [7:55 EST] -- Dr. Dre has joined forces with Cypress Hill's D.J. Muggs and B-Real on a track called "Puppet Master," the first single from the upcoming all-star album, "Muggs Presents The Soul Assassins."

There's a video, too, of course, featuring Dre as a voodoo priest of some sort, and B-Real as Satan himself.

Also appearing on the Muggs project will be Mobb Deep, KRS-One, Goodie Mobb, and members of the Wu Tang Clan and the Fugees.

The album will be out in March.

And next up for Dre is a co-production of a double-album soundtrack for the forthcoming Hughes brothers film, "An American Pimp," which will be out in August.