DJ Muggs Taps Newcomers For New "Soul Assassins" Compilation

Hot on the heels of the release of Cypress Hill's new album, "IV," rapper DJ Muggs has headed back into the studio to begin working on tracks for the second volume of his "DJ Muggs Presents the Soul Assassins" collection.

The 1997 "Soul Assassins" album featured an all-star lineup of Dr. Dre, Rza, Wyclef Jean, the Goodie Mob, B-Real, Mobb Deep and KRS-One, but Muggs says he's planning on utilizing more "unknown quantities" for the upcoming follow-up.

"I think there's just too many people doing the same kind of record," Muggs told the MTV Radio Network, "last time I got all of these guest artists and a lot of other people's albums are the same thing. So, I just wanted to give young kids a chance to shine."

Some of the new wave of rappers tapped for the new "Soul Assassins" album include Buck 50, Baron Ricks, Dilated Peoples, Self-Scientific and Infamous Mob.

In related Cypress Hill news, B-Real is set next week to lay down a vocal track for a song, "On the Double," from

British drum-n-bass producer Grooverider. DJ Muggs will also help out on a remix of the track for a promotional Grooverider single.