Psycho Realm Disbands After Tragic Shooting, Cypress Hill Plans Benefit Show

While Cypress Hill is in the process of recording its fifth album, the group's B-Real recently had an unfortunate end to one of his side projects, Psycho Realm.

As we previously reported (see "Psycho Realm's Gustavo In Intensive Care After Shooting"), one of the Realm's rappers, Gustavo "Duke" Gonzalez, was shot in Los Angeles earlier this month, is now paralyzed from the neck down because of the resulting injuries to his spinal column.

For that reason, B-Real says that the group has officially disbanded. "Right now we're just hoping for the best for him," he told the MTV Radio Network, "and when he gets well enough to undergo therapy, we're gonna try to get him as much help as we can to rehabilitate him to be able to walk again."

"But we felt that if he isn't gonna be able to be a part of [the group] then we shouldn't do it," B-Real added, "because him and his brother Jack created Psycho Realm, and fortunately I got to be

a part of it. We didn't want to replace [Duke] and we didn't feel that we could."

An as-yet-untitled second album was completed before the shooting without B-Real, who was unable to contribute due to previous recording commitments with Cypress Hill. The new Psycho Realm album is being mixed now and should be released later this year, with proceeds going to a fund to provide medical care for Duke's rehabilitation.

Cypress Hill will be stage a benefit show for Duke this Sunday at the House of Blues in Los Angeles.

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