Cypress Hill Digs Up "Bones" With Rap And Rock

Six months after issuing "Los Grandes Éxitos En Español," a collection of its best-known rap hits recorded in Spanish, Cypress Hill is getting set to return with its fifth studio record, a double album entitled "Skull And Bones."

"Skull And Bones" finds the Latino rappers mixing in some live rock and roll riffs into its sound, as the first disc ("Skull") will feature eleven new Cypress Hill rap tracks.

The collection's second disc ("Bones") will include five new Cypress Hill heavy metal tracks, with the rappers being accompanied by Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolbers and guitarist Dino Cazares, Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk, and SX10, Sen Dog's own rock band.

In a recent interview with the MTV Radio Network, Cypress Hill's B-Real talked about why the band chose to double up with the rock-rap hybrid for "Skull And Bones."

"The fusion, metal, hip-hop fusion, you know, it's something we experimented with a long time ago," B-Real said.

"We were just sort of messing with it this time around [at first] and then we took it a little more serious.

"We felt comfortable enough with it to say, 'Well you know, we should put this out. Let's take a chance on it.' And people have been pretty receptive to it. People like what we're doing, 'cause it's so different than what we normally do."

The first single from "Skull And Bones" will be a track entitled "Superstar," which Cypress Hill has recorded in both a rock and rap version (see "Cypress Hill Lines Up Eminem, Everlast, Noreaga, Deftones' Chino For New Single"). The group recently shot the rock and rap videos for "Superstar" with director Dean Karr.

Cypress Hill's "Skull And Bones" double album is currently due out on May 2.

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