The Cure's Robert Smith Shares A Smile With "South Park"

Jaunuary 7 [16:30 EDT] --While Robert Smith has more than earned his reputation for fine-tunes mopery, the Cure frontman also seems to have a ticklish side, having lent his voice and likeness to Comedy Central's animated shock-a-thon "South Park."

The Cure's spokespeople say this unlikely union came about when "South Park" creators and bigtime Cure fans Trey Parker and Matt Stone tracked down Smith on the set of "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" in October to show him their creation. Smith soon entered a recording studio in San Jose to voice the episode, in which he appears as himself.

The episode, which is still being animated, will air on February 18. Of course, Smith isn't the only music figure to flaunt an affinity for the foul-mouthed tykes from "South Park." Primus sings the show's theme song, and the folks behind the show say they also count the Foo Fighters among the series' rabid fans.